Next Meeting

Regular meetings are on hold for now. Our next Special Event is:

 Dieselpunk Speakeasy Soiree

October 10th 9pm-ish

At Nox Cocktail Lounge and Comfort Foods, 302 N. Goodman St. East (The Village Gate complex) at 730PM.

We have an open Facebook Group (Search “Rochester Steampunks” in facebook, or the URL

Upcoming Steampunk Events

Upstate Steampunkery
Rochester Steampunks:
We have an open Facebook Group (Search “Rochester Steampunks” in facebook, or the URL, and a web page

If you would like more information, please use the contact form below for your enquiries.

Temporal Entities of Syracuse:
Open Facebook group, (, or Search “Temporal Entities of Syracuse” on Facebook)
Buffalo Steampunks
Closed Facebook Group, find by a facebook search and ask to join


August 21st:

Dandies and Quaintrelles Picnic in Highland Park

August 27th: 5-10pm

Leonard Oakes Winery Steampunk Festival

The Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition
September 23 to 25, 2016
Niagara-On-The-Lake, Canada
A full-On Steampunk Convention with panels, workshops, merchants, and a sensory overload of top-drawer steampunk talent. So convenient, just across the border.

The Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition

September 2016
Turning Stone resort & casino, Verona, NY The Syracuse steampunk group (TEOS) will be out in force there at this Horror & Pop culture fan convention.
Queen Mab’s Enchanted City
September or October, 2016 (exact date not set yet)
A city-sponsored street festival with diverse entertainments, from balloons for the moppets to music.
Mt. Hope Cemetery Picnic
We usually hold this in early October
A Rochester Steampunks special event, a dress-up picnic in the lovely Victorian Municipal Cemetary surrounded by numerous memento mori.  We traditionally meet from 11:30 – 4pm at the Sylvan Waters. See our Facebook page for details (and rain venue).

Welcome to the Rochester Steampunk Group

We are a cult of Victorian Retrofuturists dedicated to increasing the aggregate total whimsy in our lives, and in the world-at-large.

You can find our upcoming events, ongoing discussions, projects, photos and more on Facebook here:

We have meetings once a month.  Currently, these occur on the 2nd Saturday night of each month at Nox Craft Cocktails and Comfort Foods ( 302 North Goodman St., in the Village Gate complex) at 7:30PM. Dress-up is optional.  We conduct a small amount of business, at times one of us will give a brief presentation on a topic of interest, and we then deteriorate into tomfoolery.  We also arrange special events periodically.

Steampunk was born of the optimism and creativity of Victorian era Science  Fiction, when the world needed exploration, new inventions and art needed making, and all possibilities seemed open.  We celebrate the radical tinkering and lush visual design that characterized the Victorian era.  As one of the movements that make up the larger nerdosphere, steampunk encourages personal engagement through multimodal crafting and creativity by providing an organizing theme and settings for playful engagement and interaction.  In that spirit, we have expeditions together, try our hand at making new things and remaking old ones, and and then sit down to exchange plans and stories together over a bracing hot cup of tea, coffee, or more potent libation.

Our events have no dress code.  We encourage you to come talk to us if you’re thinking about working on a steampunk wardrobe.  We’re happy to share tips and shortcuts for finding or making clothing that suits your taste and budget.  We encourage respect for everyone’s personal style.

We have annual picnics, at Sonnenburg Gardens and historic Mount Hope cemetery.  We go other places just for fun, such as the train museum, Rochester Museum and Science Center, Leonard Oakes Winery for the Steampunk Fest.   We are open to requests to visit in costume or provide presentations and exhibits.  We can present on fashion, technology, history, literature/film, games of the 1800s and other topics, and we bring a fun, hands on approach to events for children or for adults.

Victorian inspired style – Victorians were fond of proportions that anyone can pull off, and they can make anyone look fantastic. While the more conservative styles could blend in with a well dressed crowd today, they experimented with color, volume, support, accessories and fabulous hats in ways that make the ordinary modern wardrobe look dull. No one needs to learn the rules of Victorian style (such as hiding your corset and covering your ankles), but the more you learn, the more fun it is to bend or break them.

Other style inspirations incluse – Jules Verne, Dr. Who, Sherlock Holmes, explorers, train engineers, doctors, scientists, inventors, circus performers, airships and aviators, civil war re-enactors, wild west looks, Nicoli Tesla, Ada Lovelace, Thomas Edison, librarians,  steamfunk and non-eurocentric themes.

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